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This is the website of the AGFL-project (Affix Grammars over a Finite Lattice) whose goal is the development of technology and resources for Natural Language Processing available in the public domain.

The AGFL formalism for the syntactic description of Natural Languages has been developed by the Computer Science Department of the Radboud University of Nijmegen. It is a formalism in which large context free grammars can be described in a compact way. AGFLs belong to the family of two level grammars, along with attribute grammars and DCG's: a first, context-free level is augmented with set-valued features for expressing agreement between constituents.

The AGFL parser generation system for Natural Languages generates efficient parsers from AGFL grammars. It includes a lexicon system which can cope efficiently with the large lexica needed in real-life NLP applications.

In 2001 the AGFL system became the the first parser-generator for linguistic applications which was made available under the GNU General Public License.

Together with the AGFL system, parsers for a number of languages are available (in various stages of maturity):