Downloading the AGFL system

Licensing information

AGFL is the first parser generator for natural languages available under the GNU Public License. On April 2002, Richard Stallman personally gave the green light, in an email to one of his collaborators: "Thanks for completing the evaluation of agfl. This evaluation answers the question that I couldn't answer before--whether the program's use goes beyond research. I will say we will gladly make it a GNU package."

The AGFL system

The latest public release of AGFL is version 2.7 (Unix and Windows), version 2.8 (Unix and Windows). Version 2.8 is still being stabilized. The latest update is from the 11th of March, 2009.

Precompiled binaries
Compile AGFL yourself

Current version

AGFL 2.8 binaries for Windows

AGFL 2.8 sources

Previous version

AGFL 2.7 binaries for Windows

AGFL 2.7 sources for Unix

Just downloading a parser

If you are not interested in writing grammars yourself but just want to try out or download an English parser/transducer for your own use, you may either go back to the main page or go directly to the the EP4IR pages.

Downloading a precompiled system

For users (computer scientists and linguists) who only want to use the AGFL system, not to modify it, installing the precompiled binary version is the easiest.

In that case, choose one from the left column. Please don't forget to register if you are a new user!

Compiling from sources

If you decide to compile the AGFL system yourself under Unix, you will need the following tools: You should be able to compile AGFL using the instructions in the README file.
For Unix systems, the usual three lines apply:

./configure --prefix=...
make install

If you have questions, do not hesitate to mail us.

For compiling under MS Windows, a Visual 7.1 solution file and project directories are available in the msvc71 subdirectory of the source package.

Please don't forget to register if you are a new user!

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